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Cold Starters

Mixed Greek Olives v £3

Houmous v £5

Chickpeas, Tahini, garlic, lemon juice
Tahini v £5

Ground sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic

Tzantziki v £5

Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, dill

Taramosalata £5

Cod roe, lemon, onion

Smashed Aubergine Dip v £5

Aubergine, tahini, tomato, garlic
Spiced Feta Dip v £5

Whipped feta with roasted peppers, chilli for spice

Potato Salad v £6

Potatoes, garlic, spring onion, parsley

Beetroot v £6

Beetroot, vinegar, garlic
Gigandes v £6

Slow roasted giant beans, tomato, dill

Hot Starters

Mushrooms v £7

Chargrilled, parsley, garlic
Spanakopittes v £8

Spinach, feta filo parcels

Halloumi v £7

Chargrilled, balsamic glaze
Pastourma £8

Spicy Cypriot beef & lamb sausage

Keftedes £7

Fried pork meatballs, deep fried
Loukanika £8

Cypriot pork sausage, coriander, red wine Chicken

Livers £7

Pan fried, onions, peppers
Octopus £12

Chargrilled, olive oil, lemon dressing
Calamari £9

Coated in seasoned flour & deep fried, tartare sauce Grilled or fried

Pacific Prawns £12

Garlic, parsley, oil

Tasting Selection

Selection of 4 small dips £11

Selection of 6 small dips £15

Seafood & Fish

Served with thick cut chips

Calamari £18

Coated in seasoned flour & deep fried, tartare sauce

Pacific Prawns £24

Chargrilled, garlic, parsley oil
Octopus £22

Chargrilled, olive oil, lemon dressing

Swordfish Souvlaki £20

Chargrilled swordfish skewers, oil & lemon

Whole Sea Bream £20

Chargrilled, olive oil & lemon

Souvlakia & Grills

Chicken Souvlaki £15

Chargrilled chicken skewers, rice
Pork Souvlaki £15

Chargrilled pork skewers, rice

Lamb Souvlaki £18

Chargrilled lamb skewers, rice
Tomahawk Pork Chop £20

Grilled served with mushroom & chips

Sirloin Steak £24

Grilled, served with mushroom & chips

Mixed Mezedes

(minimum for 2 people) £28.5 per person

House Specialty

A selection of cold & hot starters, followed by a selection of hot fish dishes and a finale of charcoal cooked and mixed grills, served with Greek salad & chips

Salads & Side Dishes

Greek Salad v £6

Tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion, olives, Feta Avocado

Feta Salad v £6

Green leaves, avocado, cucumber, Feta

Mixed Tomato Salad v £6

Red onions, feta, capers, black olives
Thick Cut Chips v £5

Triple cooked and sprinkled with oregano

Pourgouri v £4

Crushed bulgar wheat

Please see our daily special for our freshly prepared daily dishes and grills

Sunday Carvery 12 - 4pm

Join us for our Sunday Carvery, with a self serving of seasonal vegetables,
home made Yorkshire puddings, freshly prepared roasted potatoes and all your favourite trimmings.

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